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I know, they are a broken record aren't they?

Given the expected annual increases in Toronto's population, and the new limits on sprawl, the only option is to build upwards. As far as I can tell, the current rate of condo construction is fully supportable indefinitely (or at least for as long as people keep moving here).

There may have been more space to push outwards in the 1990s however, that doesn't explain how a half dozen highrise condos were built in an eight year span all the while people continued to move here. Something more applicable to the direction the condo boom is heading might be the potential income generated to the amount being invested. Right now, Toronto condos are the worst long term investment and the ones driving supply through the roof are mostly counting on flipping for a profit. The foreign whales aren't likely to weather the storm when their portfolios start taking hits as they're still ansy about their US investments. Again, I hope it continues forever and the perfect storm brewing fizzles out.
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Here it is from the website as a teaser. They are still showing the magic solar powered balconies/glass glazing.
Regarding this proposed development, there will be a Community Consultation meeting on May 30 (Monday) from 7:00pm-9:00pm at Metro Hall (55 John St., Toronto) in Room 308. This would be interesting.
Looks pretty good, though surely the design will change if it's not going to be be built for eight years. I can't understand the dislike for the LCBO. It's a much-needed amenity for the neighbourhood and it's a decent, urban building.
I'm not aware of any dislike for the LCBO, aside from the totally inappropriate building itself. AFAIK the store is incredibly popular.
When it was built, the world economy was collapsing. It was a safe bet--but a bet the developer ultimately lost because Toronto's RE market recovered so quickly. Had the dev gambled--we'd have a highrise under construction now--but would it be as great architecturally as this proposal?
Nothing was ever proposed, so the answer has to be no. All that means is that there can be no comparison drawn.
So it looks like this development is 9 years down the road. There is a probability that the height of the building will be shortened to get closer to The Hudson. Another issue is the entrance to the parking (going through a long alley) using Spadina but they have no choice since it is not allowed on King.

It is too bad the Winners location is not part of this project which could give them more options in terms of design and architecture. Right now it is just this long building which as the architect is saying is equivalent to 2 M5Vs.
In 9 years, the height of the King-Spadina area will have increased significantly. M5V, Charlie, and King Charlotte in the immediate vicinity would probably be cited as precedents for something higher than the Hudson.

I'm glad the Winners property isn't part of this development. Super-block developments are brutal. Separate developments = more architectural variety within the same area.
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I doubt 9 years, id say this is more like 4-6 years down the line...from what i understand the LCBO will be included in the new development.
They have already cleared that hurdle, the next step is to work out some kind of deal with the 3-4 remaining years on the lease.
For what it's worth, from DCN.....


Proj: 9131347-2

Toronto, Metro Toronto Reg ON


King St, Spadina Ave, M5V
$75,000,000 est


This project is extremely preliminary. Owner is seeking city council rezoning approvals for height variances. The technology that will be used for the solar windows is being finalized. Preliminary plans are ongoing. Owner will seek city council site plan approvals fall 2011. Working drawings schedules are undetermined pending approvals. Schedules for tender for general contractor and construction are anticipated 2016/2017 pending relocation of existing tenants and demolition of existing building on the site. Further update fall 2011.


proposed construction of a 39-storey condominium apartment building with 443 suites. The building may include supportive housing or family-centered units. Amenities will include a green roof and windows designed to harness solar energy using a thin film technology.


680,000 square feet; 39 storeys; 2 storeys below grade; 443 units

Apartment bldgs
Looks like Terracap has one less tenant to worry about.

mbrgr is caught in arrears to the tune of $89,159.34.

The burgers were great but the place never seemed busy when I was there.

I'll miss the place.



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