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Parking lot incoming!

I'm just joking. Once I get my real camera I'll do less sh*t-posting and do more shot-posting.
I presume they'll be removing that perimeter wall once they get that filled?
Saw two big trucks full of dirt on Adelaide on my walk today, knew they had to be from somewhere nearby....
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Then I found the third! and based on the fact that it was dumping dirt instead of collecting, I suspect this is for grading the site rather than excavation.

I think they need to level the site for the shoring/drilling operation/equipment.
Here’s a low res, zoomed in screenshot featuring FORMA (as I was completing updates to my Bloor-Yorkville to the Lake future rendering). This is only building where I did a bit of a cheat on the orientation of the tower ‘cause I wanted a better peek at Frank’s tallest ’scraper ;-).

Screen shot-FORMA.jpg

And at long last, below is a link to the completed Future Rendering - use the magnifying glass 🔎 for a better look:

POSTED here in the RENDERINGS thread with my comments:
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Really not that bold of a I mean there's only two other buildings that's in the mix in this conversation.

Still kinda bold.

Either "'this" refers to the soon to be under construction 266m tower, which means it'll somehow eclipse the 308m tower (perhaps a statement that the taller tower will not be built);

Or "this" refers to the 308m tower which is a pretty bold statement about near-future sales in the heavily saturated expensive-end of the condo market.