Toronto Eau du Soleil Condos | 227.98m | 66s | Empire | Richmond Architects

October 28th, 2017



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Stores don't typically sign leases so long before the space is ready. There's about a dozen stores in this complex, so it's not going to be all nail salons.

Anybody live in this area? Is it turning into a self-sustained neighbourhood?

Yes, several of us live in the area. Is there actually such a thing as a "self-sustained neighbourhood" in the GTA? We all live in an interconnected metropolis, one vast civic organism, as it were. For one thing, employment is mostly elsewhere. But most regular goods and services are available within the immediate area by walking and most remaining goods and services are accessible by a short drive. As the build out continues, this will increasingly be the case.

Now, there are improvements to be made. A school or schools should be constructed. Transit needs to be improved. The 501 street car line is being rebuilt but a GO station and/or other rapid transit should go in. Yet more retail and restaurants etc will help. An intelligent development of the Mr Christie lands can make a huge positive difference

Still the setting and the park system make this a special place to live, IMO.