Toronto Eau du Soleil Condos | 227.98m | 66s | Empire | Richmond Architects

October 8th, 2017



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Little Miami Beach (without the weather)

Apologies to Jasonzed and Empire for the sloppy 2 minute mock-up... was curious.


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That angle also captures where the future Kraft bakery redevelopment will have its impact to further intensify that skyline.
City of Light. Taken during the power outage this afternoon and evening. During the worst gusts, the wind was blowing the rain upwards against our windows. But the sky cleared and the sun shone brightly after the storm, all the more impressively because the power was out in our neighbourhood. Eventually, Toronto Hydro restored the power... but not at the point this picture was taken.

Absolutely stunning photo. Which leads me to the thought that there's no way in the world ~15 condos would fit into the Mondelez lands just like Mondelez was begging for at one point in time.
Those photos remind me why I love Toronto so much!

I'm not sure what it quite is. If I were to guess, it is that we are not a sea of single-detached sprawl outside our downtown core. There is density everywhere within the 416! All those little pockets here and there add up to one big whole. Those two photos display that really well.