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Disagree. There's enough room on either side to pass but that doesn't mean it's satisfactory. That's an awfully low bar you're setting. One can move the trees far closer to the curb without it being an issue. You don't put trees smack dab in the middle. It's a poor design decision. And if salters are that careless and/or their equipment not up the task, that needs to be resolved so it doesn't snowball into other sub par outcomes like this.
Though I agree that the trees are NOT in a good location, I suspect that there are underground conduits in the area they really should be and the City did not force the developer to move them as necessary in the Site plan.
Great Lakes Brewing will be opening their second location in the base of the condo building

I believe this is going in on the north side of the mews. There's a long, shallow unit that has permit posters up as of about a month ago.
There are signs for a brew pub on one of the Units on Lower Jarvis towards middle of the block - I do not remember which brewery.
I saw a photo of it on Facebook and I think it was Great Lakes?

Edit: Never mind. I just didn't read all the posts!
Is that liquor licence for the Italian restaurant new? Perhaps there is movement in that space - the coming soon signs have been there for almost 2 years now.