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Jun 27, 2018
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I'm surprised all these condo projects got built. Most projects in suburban non-nodal locations today don't sell well. EMTC is across the street but that mall isn't very popular (which is also surprising).
The mall is quite popular - not Square 1 or Yorkdale busy, but it does get a decent amount of traffic. It is also a main bus transfer hub.


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Jul 12, 2010
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I'm honestly quite surprised at it too now that you put it that way. I'm pretty sure it's both the mall and the hospital that are significant selling points for condos in this area. I'm sure Erin Mills will eventually become more nodal as these empty plots fill up, though.
I live across the street from the mall. The main draw for me is a quick 1.5km bike ride to Streetsville and the Credit River.

Other reasons include: mall, hospital, parks, bike trails (30 minute bike ride to SQ1 via Burnhamthorpe trail), easy access to the highways, GO bus (DT TO in 45), miWay Express (SQ1 in 10 minutes, Kipling subway in 20-25 minutes), nice drive from Port Credit to Streetsville along Mississauga Road, proximity to UTM, etc.

It's not an urban oasis but the city has designated the area as a community node where urban principles will be applied to all future development.

I moved here, from the Annex, in the early 2000s for work.