Toronto Curio by Hilton Distillery District | 115.1m | 31s | Gupta | Arcadis

Ward 13 - Tor & E.York District

Development Applications

Zoning By-law Amendment to facilitate redevlopment of the site with a new hotel building consisting of a single 28 storey hotel tower atop a 3 storey podium (existing heritage building), with a total building height of 115.1 m (inclusive of mechanical penthouse). A total of 392 hotel suites are proposed with a total GFA of approximately 26,944 m2.

IBI is the architect - the solid cladding on the tower is "manufactured stone"




I'm fine with the height. I've always loved the height. This is dumb. But...

I'm *more* excited for the summary of the transcript of the Goldberg Evidence + Cross on this one.
Ugh? this looks like it could very well be the best looking proposal that the Distillery District has seen in a while :cool:

And once again, I tend not to agree with your ideas on "architecture" or your low standards. You should look at the hotels being built around the world and even around Toronto - look at architecture for hotels from around the world, particularly in important districts such as the Distillery, and then tell me this is a solid proposal. This proposal, other than the "manufactured stone" cladding, is architecturally on the level of a typical Toronto condo. It's absolutely undeserving of the heritage building beneath it and certainly not as good as what a hotel program should demand at this location.

As a designer, the sort of motif this project has is the sort of facade I'd employ for a standard condo for a standard developer. It's not well articulated or engaging. The proportions are wrong - they couldn't even make the top of the tower have an extra storey in the grid motif to finish off the tower, or articulate the rooftop bar in a nice way. The mechanical penthouse competes with the rooftop bar for forming the tower's roof. Even the glass reveal between the heritage building and the tower is lazy.

But I digress. Blech.