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I don't know why they used another city as the background but that's not really all that important. The new proposed design for the Cumberland Terrance building seems to be even taller than the one that I posted. It will be taller than the CIBC building, and by my calculations, should be about 47 floors or so. This is all very of the moment, so it may change of course. There's even talk of an automated parking lot, where drivers park there cars and a computer takes care of parking it and slotting it in and everything! This will of course, be above ground due to the limitations of the subway running underneath.
a little help with the orientation of the render please...
Top building Yonge and Bloor. Bottom building Bay and Cumberland.
isn't the...CIBC building in the way of the top one being built?
^that one is going to be reclad ,read the first post.very interesting proposal,maybe they should do this to 2 bloor east. plus something tall at 1be and this would be one awesome intersection.
oh wow, that that is very cool...will definitly complement the growing CBD there, and look good next to the recently upgraded glassy Bay tower. and the new lobby for 2 bloor east looks really nice as well.

i could see a tower going up at cumberland too, one of the few places where NIMBY's can't nitpick because the tower isn't near anything low-density
Actually, relative to this proposal, the Bay tower isn't "upgraded" *enough*, i.e. it's still an ungainly 70s brutalist thing, only now with chintzy 00s windows + entrance...
Good grief. I'd love to hear the business case for completely recladding an office tower. Could they possible rent enough space at rates jacked high enough to make a profit on the endeavour?
2 Bloor Street West

I was just walking past Bay & Cumberland this week when I noticed two women in lawn chairs with clipboards. I thought they were surveying pedestrians as that corner could definitely use some traffic lights to assist crossing Bay. However, when I asked, they indicated they were doing a survey "for a new condo development."
"only now with chintzy 00s windows + entrance"

why can't you just say green glass and a steel awning
lol, it looks way better than it did before. it worked so well i don't even remember how it used to be...but i remember thinking when they were first put up that it was a huge improvement.
It was exactly the same 'cept with bronze coloured glass
But relative to what's proposed across the street, it's not "improvement" enough, i.e. the HBC's been upstaged, and more.

And in a funny way, I preferred the muscular 70s scale of the old sash. The new sash looks cheap and tinny...
It would take more than that to make 2 Bloor East awesome. They would have to nuke the entire south wall of the Bay and put something at least a little bit appealing there.

Theproposed tower at Bay and Cumberland will help, the north side of Cumberland here is a bit of a dead zone. There's no sense in that, in this very active neighbourhood.