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Has anybody heard of a proposed 2 Bloor Street West revamping? I don't know if this is new news or if it's old stuff, but I couldn't find it in any search here, and I was wondering if it was just me who's heard of it.

From my understanding, the existing tower at the north-west corner of Bloor/Yonge would be reclad and a new tower in a similar style would go up at Bay and Cumberland, replacing the Cumberland Terrace.
Timeo, first off welcome to urbantoronto. As for your question regarding 2 Bloor West, I don’t think there has been any info on that floating around for sometime now. The CIBC Tower could use an updated look but I doubt a similar tower would have a chance of making it past the Yorkville NIMBYs, at least not at the same scale as 2 Bloor West.
i would love to see something replacing cumberland terrace. The sooner the better!
Hear! Hear!

Cumebrland Terrace remains my favourite bulldozer dream.

And Turner Fleischer my scariest nightmare.

i would love to see the developer takes the lead in widening the sidewalk (yes, forfeit some real estate space). Maybe the city will let them build tall!

Just saying.....
The architects are B+H Architects. This is an old rendering, and the new building is different than what this image shows, but it's similar in size and will be located at this same location.

Welcome Timeo,

Thanks for the rendering - if that's what they intended to do with the site, I'd be quite happy. The background of the rendering is unfortunately not Toronto :p

Interesting... it would certainly be a complicated project to build on top of the subway.

If this were to occur hopefully the mini PATH system under Cumberland Terrace would be enhanced (it is very tired looking in that area) and extended across the road to the Bay Subway station.

I would love to see this or a variation of this project happen. Yorkville Ave is undergoing a complete revolution, it would be nice to see the same happen on Cumberland.
There is an underground link to Bay subway station - where, entering with your Metropass, you can can stroll the platform west and emerge still indoors to shop at Winners all afternoon.
Redevelopment of this site cannot happen fast enough. As these are just rumblings at this point, full steam ahead won't bring this on until at least 2010, and it's not likely to be that soon.

What am embarrasment Cumberland Terrace is. Bring on the bulldozers...

I've been hearing rumours for many years about its imminent redevelopment. In fact, maybe a decade ago, they were even terminating leases in preparation for its redevelopment. The developer must have gotten cold feet with the economy's downturn. Regarding the rendering above, I don't think that's Cumberland Terrace - are you sure that's not somehting else?
While the city in the background is not Toronto, the tower immediately south of the proposed new condo tower is definitely at Bay and Bloor (houing The Gap at the corner), and the transparent splined buildings surrounding the complex are Toronto buildings. One can make out Manulife (both towers) and 2 Bloor East for example.

You're right. I also picked out the uptown on Balmuto. Weird that they use NYC-esque streets and background for this Toronto project.