Toronto Cumberland at Yorkville Plaza | 124.96m | 40s | Camrost-Felcorp | WZMH

No. It's just terrible at representing what it's supposedly represents:

“Altmejd’s bronze statue, standing more than eight feet in height, fancifully updates the traditional bronze figurative monument,” the release goes on to say. “Clad in billowing, flowing robes, the sculpture’s striding female figure arrives like a deity, simultaneously gesturing downward to earth and skyward triumphantly. With arresting appeal, Almejd’s animated bronze figure conjures the history of the Yorkville neighbourhood that in the 1960s became Toronto’s epicenter of fashion, fine art, and nightlife, signalling the city’s sophistication and cultural aspirations.”

I get it...but those days have long gone. Just look at the grey spandrel monstrosity beside it and this installation's crime is being out of place, devoided of context and dated. >.<