Toronto Cumberland at Yorkville Plaza | 124.96m | 40s | Camrost-Felcorp | WZMH

This is an underwhelming project that could have been much better. The developer, WZMH, seems to have some kind of distraction keeping them from focusing and getting the job done. 😜
WZMH is the architect. Camrost-Felcorp is the responsible party.

WZMH is the architect. Camrost-Felcorp is the responsible party.

But still though, I posted this getting on a nearly a year ago...

It took them 8 years + to erect this grey spandrel monstrosity on the back of a once decently okay building...and they're still not done with it. /sigh
Photos taken May 28, 2022:

Just looking at the streetscape here which is mostly done........though the work extending the new Avenue Road streetscape up to Yorkville Avenue is still in progress:

Looking north alongside this development:


Avenue Road here is going granite all the way, nice quality on the planter and planting.

Now looking south from just north of this development:


Finally looking south from Yorkville with work very much in progress:


Two added observations:

No more lay-by here! Yay!


Really, this is where we're doing the gas connection/meter?
I'm finding that one creepy. Is it supposed to look like a woman being vivisectioned by falling construction materials?

No. It's just terrible at representing what it's supposedly represents:

“Altmejd’s bronze statue, standing more than eight feet in height, fancifully updates the traditional bronze figurative monument,” the release goes on to say. “Clad in billowing, flowing robes, the sculpture’s striding female figure arrives like a deity, simultaneously gesturing downward to earth and skyward triumphantly. With arresting appeal, Almejd’s animated bronze figure conjures the history of the Yorkville neighbourhood that in the 1960s became Toronto’s epicenter of fashion, fine art, and nightlife, signalling the city’s sophistication and cultural aspirations.”

Funny, I thought it looked a woman with a legless Ostrich crashing through her