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Toronto Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | Arcadis

^Darn no video? Oh well. Here's an extra photo from the testing.



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At the rate we get public transit projects built here, not just discussed and batted around politically, and of this scale to boot - I will take a pink dildo looking paint scheme , if it works and helps get us more transit lines.

To this point, I don't believe we should be spending loads of money on beautifying stations - make them accessible to all, concrete and well-enough designed that they function and can be expanded or easily retrofit in the future. We should keep doing this until we have a dozen or so actual underground lines, that criss-cross the city. Until then, let's refrain from building palace-like stations, a la the Spadina Extension to Vaughan. Furthermore, station integration within buildings is another absolute must - we cannot waste development opportunities and continue to build stand-alone station entrances - unless absolutely necessary.
Lane Reduction for Escalator Delivery at Caledonia Station
Thursday September 3, 2020
I think they're trying to make it seem like a TTC subway train, to give the entire network a cohesive feel. I ain't madd at it.

Green would've made it feel like a go train and red would've made it look like a streetcar

Then they could go with red and green, or red and silver. Kind of a streetcar, and kind of a higher-order transit at the same time.

A grey (silver) subway train in a brightly lit station looks very different from the same-colour LRT train in the street. They will achieve cohesion in the colour code, but not in how the trains look in their real environment.

Of course it is far more important that the line is getting built, and the colour is not a big deal. They can give another colour scheme to the next generation of ECLRT vehicles, or repaint this batch a few years later.