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Back of secondary entrance on June 23, 2021:

What a massive building for a secondary entrance. Why couldn't this be a simple door-way within an existing 2 storey building instead of this massive bulky building. This would have been a mid-rise housing building instead of a stand-alone station entrance. Wasted opportunity on high priced real-estate.
A lot of these Crosstown structures are like bomb shelters with one glass wall and make as much sense. Brutalist Nouveau?
I'm waiting for when they anounce that they have signed a sponsorship deal with cost co and they will put up signs for them to be a pickup location for orders
Great to see so much activity on site but they appear to be still pouring the primary entrance foundations 😨 ... Commercial fusion has for the last 50 years been 20 years away. I'm beginning to feel the opening of the Eglinton LRT line will aways be 1 year away...
Somebody please tell me that the white crane and the first floor forming isn't the main station entrance. It's March 2022.
There are four developments happening around the Forest Hill Station. Closest to completion in 2023 is the Forest Hill Condominiums (17 stories) at 875 Eglinton Avenue West, which includes an entrance to Forest Hill Station. See link.