Toronto Concord Sky | 299m | 85s | Concord Adex | Kohn Pedersen Fox

They are going back to Cresford design?

These March 2024 architectural docs in the AIC link are virtually the same as I posted here a year ago... one side of the tower is all unitized curtainwall above the podium/heritage right to the top, and the other side has unitized curtainwall except for the balconies (+window-wall).

Which is to say the docs look a lot like the last KPF version (see NL post above).... and almost nothing like the revised rendering/design that is in the UT database.

Colour me still confused as to what will be built. I may have said this a year ago. 🤔

A few more from the AIC SPA submission showing a section (east elevation?) with the curtainwall and balcony mix, and a couple at grade (heritage).





P.S. has moved Concord Sky to their "Supertalls Under Construction" thread - they use CTBUH height criteria @ 300.5m... like @Koops65 ;)
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Boy, I've never really been sold on the heritage aspect of this particular block.
Even the most basic of our heritage buildings have more architectural interest and merit than this terminally bland wedge of glass. In the case of this project the old facades at base are the only thing providing a modicum of visual interest.