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For a change I won't chime in with my usual bitchin' about Concord's signature project. 🤟

In the distant future (when many of us are dragging our grandkids to the islands to look at skyscrapers and skylines)... the Oxford towers behind the skyDome will be complete, as will Forma's 2 towers to the east... and Canada House will do a nice job of stepping down the skyline built form to the west.


Jul 26, 2022

I spy with my little...
A first for me to notice what looks like balcony ceiling heaters. Not the best but when i got back in, I zeroed in on the item and was able to make out the hazard notice and the brand - Solaira.
Appears we have a ceiling wood slat motif.

I'll include the perimeter pics in the next batch.






Let me take my turn here between @Red Mars posts, LOL

Photos taken yesterday, July 26th, 2022:

First, an angle we don't see that often, from Front Street, between two existing residential towers:


Then some more typical shots from Spadina:



What's this? Oh right, its that thing @Red Mars beat me to posting and got a better close-up of! Pffft LOL


And the go-home shot:

Ugh, that yellow paint they used for the balcony soffits look horrible. Doesn’t even look anything close to a wood tone.
Is the wood-textured panel made of aluminum or something similar to Hardyboard? Or even worse, is it merely paint on concrete that has a casted texture? (Which looks to be case in some of the photos) ☹️
On the positive side, from a distance the yellow paint will bringing a little bit of warmth to the mostly grey exterior.

This is a shame as having ceiling heater and lights are such nice features to have and I have a feeling that flooring on the balconies will also be a letdown as composite “wood” decking will be used and will look as fake and monotone as the yellow soffits and nothing like the renderings. The heaters do look bulky and would be nice if they are lower in profile and hugs the soffit more closely.

In reality the composite wood decking will probably look similar to this: (image courtesy of Trex composite decking)