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Saturday morning.
from the market 2nd level
Novotel signs uncovered this week!




Im so happy we got CIBC Square out of this office tower boom. Two beautiful high quality towers.

Totally agree, I hope the new hybrid working model doesn't prevent other projects like The Hub from not being built but the reality is the demand of office space has gone down so my guess is some of these get scraped or seriously delayed.
I miss the old bus terminal for being much closer to Union Station. The new one feels very disconnected when I come back from Montreal by train and have to schlep for 10 minutes to get to the bus terminal. Also, the signage in Union for the bus terminal is awful, and also the signage inside Union for the buses is atrocious. It’s pretty much impossible to know when the buses are until you get into the bus station. It’s extremely user unfriendly. They just assume no one is taking a GO bus and that there’s no need to sign where it is or when the buses are leaving. I’ve honestly been shocked how bad it is recently. I don’t think they used to separate it by GO bus/train before. Maybe I’m wrong and I’m remembering through rose-colored glasses though.