Vaughan CG Tower | 188.97m | 60s | Cortel Group | BDP Quadrangle

I'm impressed . Nicer than 75% of what's being built in Toronto. Let's hope they stick with this vision it's unique and will be a total beast in Vaughan. 61 stories? That's gotta be 190 meters minimum.



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The rendering looks great - the pre-set brick definitely stands out and is a nice change for high-rise.
Lets hope they don't stray far for their application.
Hard to tell but could these be precast brick panels for cladding? It's the colour which suggests it.

Neat design so far, very promising. Quite tall for its location - somewhat surprising.
It would be the tallest building in Ontario outside of Toronto today. It may be that when it is built depending on whether M City or this is taller.