Toronto Centennial College: Progress Campus A Block | ?m | 6s | Centennial College | DIALOG

From the Live Cam, updated October 28th, 2022:

Looks amazing. Probably the nicest college building in the Canada or the GTA. Much nicer than Sheridan or Humber. Good job centennial 👍
We are compiling this year's end-of-year poll and would appreciate an up to date photo showing the front exterior the project. If anybody is nearby, please pop a couple shots for us!
Good photo series @TheJames .

I don't dislike this, I mean it's got some interesting things going on............... yet.....

I feel like its relationship to anyone who walked by out front is .... 'aloof'.

It just doesn't do anything to create a positive public realm in the immediately adjacent spaces. Unfortunate.

It's set too high, and too far back from the sidewalk.
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