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This literally mocks us in the neighbourhood every day.

The application is still sitting with the city last time I saw.
I'm not sure it's sitting with the City. When I checked a few days ago, most of the permit applications were closed, and two said "Examiner's Notice Sent", which could mean they got zoning approval, or some information was required from the applicant.

It is very frustrating to see this space empty. I thought for sure it would be open by this winter.
Something I’m wondering about now. If they were confident about occupancy, wouldn’t they have painted, stained, polished or done whatever to the floors so tenant can just slide right in? I don’t imagine they’d need a permit to do that. Maybe that’s why I feel like the prospective tenant may not be so solid. The joint is as prepped as it’s gonna get, but they’re not investing anything more until things are locked in.

For all we know, it could be something like when Deciem rented space in the Distillery thinking they were going to manufacture on site, only to change plans and just go with a storefront.
I wouldn't lose heart regarding a supermarket here. There's a lot of you waiting for one, and only more people coming to the area over the coming years, so it's not like the need will drop, it will only grow. It's taking too long to get sorted out, but it'll happen.

Well this is (potentially) exciting. Some interior fit out work and equipment have shown up inside. Though no permit is displayed anywhere yet. Apologies for the poor photo, very strong reflections this morning.

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You typically have to put the lens right up against the glass to avoid the reflections.