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News   May 30, 2024
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Toronto Bike Share

The Station count is now up to 687 with the addition of :



And... the @WillTo pleasing and @vic off-setting new location of:


Do you mean 787? Was looking at your posts from a few weeks back (making a spreadsheet and you were in the 700s)
Do you mean 787?

Nope, as of 2:47am today, we're at 688 stations (one was added today at the Beltline and Avenue Road.)

Was looking at your posts from a few weeks back (making a spreadsheet and you were in the 700s)

My apologies, that previous post must have been a typo, or wistful daydreaming.

I have now corrected that.

Just for the record, and for myself, LOL Here's the raw data:


Finally just to make sure there are extra eyes looking at the data, in case my mind wanders when posting, LOL.............

Here's a link to it.

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Holly Smokes!
New station at 75 Holly. It is IN the Green P

A few other bits of Bikeshare news.....

Added Stations:

Queen West/Lisgar
1612 Danforth (Coxwell Green P)


That brings us to 693 stations in service.


Also of note for you @WillTo is that the Yonge/Balliol station has been enlarged to 36 docking points.

A new Bike Share e-bike costs maybe ~$2,600 plus shipping. A new Bike Share mechanical bike costs maybe ~$1,100 plus shipping. (PDF source.) HST might be extra. (PDF source.)

The last person to have used the bike have mistakenly not docked it correctly. After the bike went missing from the system, Bike Share may have charged a $1,200 penalty to the credit card of the person who didn't dock it correctly. If the bike is returned to Bike Share, they might repaint it and give the person back their $1,200.

When you see a Bike Share bike that looks unused, abandoned, lost, stolen, or idle, I encourage you to take it, bike to any station, and dock it.

Or you can phone Bike Share customer service, anytime, 24 hours a day. They can go and retrieve the bike.

Theoretically, the person who stole the bike might get in trouble. In practice, the police have more important things to deal with.

Questions for you​

Do you remember where you saw the bike? If so, may I please ask you where it was?