Toronto Bathurst Quay Revitalization | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | Kearns Mancini

You guys could EIFS the whole thing! That will make it all even like...

*Quickly ducks behind well protected barricade*

Taken 19 April.


For anyone interested: I’ll be leading several walking tours in May of the City’s various Bathurst Quay revitalization projects.

First one is the evening of May 7 as part of a recurring Speaker Series hosted by Waterfront for All. We’ll be discussing and visiting both the silo property and Spadina Pier.

And over Doors Open weekend (May 25 and 26) there will be six available time slots to register for a perimeter tour and discussion of the silo property’s completed and three active (BQC park, silo rehab, the Corleck) projects, with particular emphasis on the silo rehab project. Registration opens May 1.

Hope to see some UT’ers there!
Crazy idea #1970: Build a temporary floating platform on the western edge of the Slip for large groups to perform on such as the TSO and Tafelmusik! I know, amazing! Lol

It could be viable as the TSO has always wanted a summer home and the parking lot on the east side can be outfitted with seating if plans materialize. And of course you would have the Silos as a backdrop. Just sayin’!
...thinking how that Kraftwerk multimedia thing would work for these silos. They would have to work both sides (east + west) to be most effective, IMO. Plus, we'd need Mr. Hütter and his Krafwerk team here to provide the respective music. <3
I wonder if the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant would work though a downtown location would be better 🤔
I wonder if the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant would work though a downtown location would be better 🤔
As it's history suggests, I think it's better suited for movie sets than a concert venue. Though that doesn't stop it from being used as projection surfaces for installations.
What are those black squares and rectangles for again? Looks like they are part of something that was originally there.