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Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Letter to the Editor / Toronto’s Next Mayor

METRONOME supporters know of our long and winding road with the City of Toronto. Councillors consistently supported the project while their staff attempted to derail it. Mayor Lastman wrote letters of support while his staff recommended the project be abandoned. Seven days after announcing Panasonic as the $5 million Lead Sponsor, senior City staff requested that we vacate the property. Six months after being locked out, the City presented me with the Canada Day Achievement Award for "outstanding contributions to the community".

Rumours that our city is troubled are all too true. We experienced it. An award-winning cultural initiative that has achieved unprecedented support from across Canada should not be getting mixed messages from the city it will benefit. Fortunately, many Councillors continue to be strong supporters and we will soon announce some exciting new developments.

Through all our highs and lows with the City, we witnessed a remarkable individual. A moderate, steadfast person who consistently demonstrated a level of intelligence and integrity at odds with his surroundings. A man with vision and a sense of purpose and the persuasive ability to rally support. METRONOME supporters should also know that he advocated successfully on our behalf and he went out of his way to encourage me personally.

On November 10th, please join me with a vote for an exceptional candidate for Mayor . . . David Miller.

John Harris
Harris Institute for the Arts
Metronome "Confidential" Media Release

I was on the 508 this afternoon and the person sitting ahead of me was making adjustments to a what read "CONFIDENTIAL" at the top, and said Press Release December 11, 2006.

I couldn't read the print well from afar, but I did make out that Metronome is coming back to the Province to raise funds.

I considered shooting the media release with my camera phone, but I'm not sure the person proof reading it would appreciate the loud camera sound my phone makes when shooting a pic.

Not very useful information as I think Metronome has refused to die many times before, but I found it amusing that a confidential media release was out in the open in a very public place.
Ya but this isn't CSIS stuff here.

Really, who but us would give a shit about the re-emergence of Metronome at this point?
I would be amenable to another iteration of Metronome if it were to occupy Torch. We could have quite the little music district there, with the Hall of Fame, Metronome, Hard Rock, Sam's, HMV, and Dundas Square.
I found it amusing that a confidential media release was out in the open in a very public place.

Some people just don't know what the word "confidential" means. Maybe this person thought the document would keep itself secret.

But what the heck, all the better for us.
Scratch Torch as a place for Metronome (although I personally love the idea). I also made out portions of the text that read "Bathurst silos".

Regarding the confidentiality of the release, I don't think it's that bad since it will be released in a week anyway... unless of course, other projects seeking provincial funding could get ahead of the game by knowing of Metronome's plans.

Did I just ruin Metronome's chance of getting selected for funding? ... oops. :\

It's been a project on the roster for many years, without ever finding funding. It is meant to be built in a conversion of the Canada Malting silos at the foot of Bathurst. I prefer West8's proposal to transform those same silos into a water filtering plant + renewable energy centre + night club.
The city took the silos away from the Metronome concept and it would probably be difficult to get them back unless they had a serious committment of funds from the governement (which is extremely unlikely given that they could not get any funds for the last seven to eight years).

This project seem largely redundant, given a proposal for a Music Hall of Fame (which is also needs money and is in danger of dying, if its not dead already) and the increase in performance space in the city from the Royal Conservatory, etc. I would be extemely surprised if government funding ever came their way.
I also prefer the West8 proposal for the silos to Metronome. I was wondering why they didn't make a proposal for the silos to the east of harbourfront but I didn't know the city owned the Metronome silos so I guess it was just an ownership issue.

I was on the GO Train recently and had to stand during the ride, the woman sitting directly below/beside me was apparently a divorce attorney and had a large stack of legal documents that she was flipping through. I have to say that I enjoyed reading about the circumstances that led to Tom and Judy's marriage ending (Tom can't keep it in his pants apparently) but if she was my lawyer, I'd be a little pissed.
Tom and Judy are getting a divorce? Well it's about time she dumped that no good cheating bum.

I wonder what can be considered so *confidential* when it comes to a proposed music centre? It's hard to get too excited about Metronome any more.