Toronto Aura at College Park | 271.87m | 78s | Canderel | Graziani + Corazza

LOL; that may be true; though I'm quite sure Stern wasn't born when the original College Park plans were drawn......
So you know, I wasn't referring back to that original proposal. Rather making a point of if we were to replace what is there now with something similar today...Stern'esk would certainly come to mind. I hope that's a little more clear.
What's the good smell that's always there outside of Aden and The Alley near the park? It's definitely not from food or drink but something like fume from a hotel lobby or something...
It's bugging me for months now and I can't figure out where I have smelled this before.
I disagree. It's ugly.
Enough already! There has been a HUGE amount of discussion of the Aura and, though it has a few fans (who generally lust after its height), I think it fair to say that a large majority of UTers despise this building and particularly its podium and how it meets the streets and find its upper levels barely acceptable, even when seen from a distance. Further discussion is really only necessary if you bring some new arguments to the table.

Looking majestic!
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...welp, we can always hold this as an example over developers of what not to do. So post shots of it away! :)
Discovered Marshall's closed today despite being open earlier in Step 1 of reopening. Security guard said it was because they didn't have an outdoor entrance. Will open in Step 2 on June 30.
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