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60 stories, 20 storeys and 10 storey podium.

I am the Planner working on the development application for 444 Yonge Street, specifically the Yonge-Gerrard lands.

A Revised Preliminary and Status Report will be considered at the June 13th Toronto & East York Community Council meeting. This report discusses the revised proposal for the Yonge-Gerrard lands, which is as follows:

The proposal is for a mixed commercial and residential development, consisting of two residential buildings, one 50-storey tower on Yonge Street and a second 10-storey building on Gerrard Street West, both above a 10-storey podium that extends over the entire parcel. Overall, the two proposed buildings are 60-storeys (196m) and 20-storeys (75m).

The proposal has a gross floor area of 127,140 m2, of which 29,585 m2 is for above-grade parking; 83,610 m2 for residential area; and 12,330 m2 for retail space.

The following link is to the Toronto & East York Community Council Agendas. The Agenda for June 13, 2006 has not yet been posted, however, if you check next week you should be able to access the Report I refer to above. If not, please contact me and I will mail you a copy once the Agenda is available to the public.

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.


Thank you 3D for the scoop ;)

And of course I will be hawking the community council reports - they might be uploading them today or next week.

I wonder if it will look the same to Phases I & II - in the same vein as the CityPlace buildings all look alike, or if it will be noticably different in style.
Thanks for the update; I look forward to seeing this report. I hope it looks as good as 1 & 2.
A 10 storey podium is very good news. Let's hope it will be done better (with decent heights for retail) than the podium for ROCP 1 and 2 (please no faux-castle with 80's metal awnings!!!).
Should be awesome. I was just walking up Yonge last night (well, hobbling, I sprained my ankle) and I loved the look of RoCP. The shape is very bold. Its certainly not trying to disappear using setbacks and glass, like so many of the projects out there.

I hope the above ground parking doesn't screw up the podium.
very interesting...looking forward to more.

thanks for the update!
Seems a tad out of context to me - but it is on a subway line. Hopefully they're asking for 60s in hopes of getting 60s and not just asking for that so they can settle with the City at something lower.

Thanks for the update, 3D.
The planner just advised me that the applicants are considering a revision to the application but they haven't sent anything yet.

Be nice to see something even taller at this location. I only need the tower to grow 20 metres and it'll match my fantasy building I stuck at Yonge and Gerrard when I mocked-up the "future skyline" (north/south).

Too bad the developer and the Delta Chelsea couldn't hop in bed together... build a new Delta on the parcel, stick dynamite under the existing Chelsea and perhaps build the largest portion of the commercial/retail on the south side.

Perhaps it's a heritage issue though...... ;-)
60 storeys is good for Yonge, no reason for it to be any less.
Excellent! I'd love to see that open space go. I am happy about the big podium... perhaps a vertical mall?

Too bad the developer and the Delta Chelsea couldn't hop in bed together... build a new Delta on the parcel, stick dynamite under the existing Chelsea and perhaps build the largest portion of the commercial/retail on the south side.

Langham Hotels, owned by Hong Kong's Great Eagle Company, is the owner of the Delta Chelsea. Great Eagle is the developer of Langham Place in Hong Kong, a massive vertical mall/office tower/hotel development. I really wish it would do something similar to the Delta Chelsea.



Compare that last photo with the 'new' Eaton Centre entrance at Dundas and Yonge. Why are we happy with bare white plaster walls with cheap advertising posters? Nice materials and some public art would sure shut me up. ;)
10 storey podium works well with the exisiting College Park streetwall.
I still hope they leave a lot of extra space on the corner of Yonge-Gerrard. Sort of a mini-Square. I always felt that it had that sort of feeling anyway, with the hot dog stands, and the art for sale on the sidewalk. A nice expanded sidewalk, perhaps. One of the problems with pushing towers too close to Yonge is that it really doesn't give an opportunity for people to stop and enjoy the place where they are.

Another example I suppose would be 1 Bloor East, which I think would be a great public square. My reasoning for that is the terrific view you get when emerging from Bloor-Yonge Station. You can see right over the two storey building that is there now and see downtown in a distance, which is really an impressive view. For all the good that the 1 Bloor East tower would do for the area architecturally, I still think I'll miss that view of the CBD from Bloor-Yonge.