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It probably wouldn't be that difficult to find two that are willing to sell right beside each other, but to find 5 might be a bit harder.
What I find most disquieting is that I believe the buyers of these tiny units had to start paying either phantom mortgages or real mortgages (I do not know how this works for commercial space) in an empty building where no one was living, hence no internal traffic, and no inviting connection to the subway system, hence no external traffic. How those little stores are to survive is a mystery to me. I'm sure this is not what they were anticipating when they made their investments.
I think the best option in the long run is to have a large format grocery store taking up much of that space, if possible (logistically & otherwise). I know it'll be difficult and lengthy but that's the only way to use up most of the retail space down there. Imagine a No-Frills or an 'urban' small-format grocery store, even? I would think that the individual retail investors would rather sell their units to a large retailer than try to operate their stores in a location like that (even after all the subway connections and links are made and the residents have moved in).
21 October 2013:

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I don't see a large format grocery in there like some have suggested. With Metro and Sobeys in College Park, whcih is attached to Aura, (not to metnion Loblaws and Kitchen Table both a block away) it would be an overintensification of that type of retailer in the area.
So it's official: Aura has now divided up the unsold floors, including the penthouse. I was at the agent relaunch today where they mentioned the top floor of the building is still available for sale as one unit, but in the meanwhile, they also released floor plans and pricing for that level as having four separate units. I guess whatever comes first they'll take: Either 1 buyer for $18M or four individual buyers for the penthouse.

They're also dividing up the 76th and 77th floors into 6 units per floor, as those levels remain unsold.

It's crunch time for the builder as the building is soon to cap off and they have a lot of pricey inventory to get rid of.
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And some photos from today's visit up the hoist elevator to the 67th floor:



The Residences Of College Park sure do look tiny when viewed from above!




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I still say turn that unsold penthouse floor into a cocktail lounge/observatory a la the Manulife Centre.
What about a library? Imagine as a section 37 benefit, a space like that became part of the TPL? I've always wished for there to be a public-owned and accessible part of a giant building so that people who can't afford to ever live in such a place (like me) could spend time there.
Pretty expensive spot for a library. Can you imagine what the non-library using tax payers would say?