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Apr 24, 2007
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Proposed New Development: 36-60 Steeles Avenue East and 37-63 Highland Park Boulevard The city is now in receipt of complete Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment applications, submitted by Zonix Group Inc., for the block of land currently occupied by 27 homes (36-60 Steeles Avenue and 37-63 Highland Park Blvd.) between Dudley Avenue and Willowdale Avenue.

The proposal includes two 13 storey mixed use buildings on Steeles Avenue and two 8 storey residential buildings on Highland Park Blvd. The proposed Official Plan amendment applies to the entire block bounded by Steeles Avenue, Dudley Avenue, Highland Park Blvd. and Willowdale Avenue. The proposed Zoning By-law amendment applies to Phase 1 development at 36-48 Steeles Avenue.





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Pretty substantial development altogether, and one block east of Yonge. Kirkor's website indicates around 877 units. And while technically on the Markham side, it does line along Steeles Ave and could act as a catalyst towards gradually intensifying this corridor altogether.

It'll replace this whole block on the left:

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This "Atlantis" project might be lost before it even get started,......

I'll just repost what I posted last year on Gupta's nearby 7028 Yonge project thread regarding these high-density projects in York Region along north-side of Steeles & Toronto's "Trump Card" - which is why there's practically no high-density developments anywhere along north-side of Steeles,.... currently,....

Ever wonder why you do NOT see high-density intensification along north-side of Steeles Ave? Y’all might want to skim through the Shops on Steeles (& Don Mills) redevelopment thread,....

Basically since 1974, Steeles Ave (boundary between Toronto & Vaughan/Markham/YorkRegion) is a Toronto Road - giving the City of Toronto some planning authority 45m north of Steeles Ave into York Region (Markham, Vaughan).

While high-density intensification all along the north-side of Steeles Ave would be extremely beneficial for Markham, Vaughan (York Region) - IE property tax revenue generation! It would be very negative to City of Toronto in terms of traffic congestion & infrastructure; especially water sewage drainage (ie: flooding & sewage back-up) - the water pipe & other infrastructure under Steeles Ave & downstream is old and requires rebuild but York Region refuse to contribute a fair portion to this “Toronto project”; thus, the City of Toronto will keep on playing its Trump Card,.... and refuse high-density intensification within 45m of north-side of Steeles Ave that would utilize any City of Toronto infrastructure.

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Here is what is currently proposed:

Official Plan and Zoning by-law amendment application to permit the development of 27 and 6 storey residential buildings on the lands located at 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 Steeles Avenue East and 37, 39, 41, 43, 45, 47, 49 Highland Park Boulevard. Includes 533 apartment units, 513 vehicle parking spaces, and 397 bicycle parking spaces.

"The balance of the block bounded by Steeles Avenue, Willowdale Avenue, Dudley Avenue, and Highland Park Boulevard is not part of the subject applications and no future phases on the rest of the block are proposed."
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Does anyone find it odd that the northeast quadrant of Yonge and Steeles looks exactly like Willowdale for a few blocks, with the same street grid and storefronts along Yonge?

But totally different on the Vaughan side.
What do you think might happen to price of homes marked with wave green line?

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Additional stat changes implemented by the OLT ratification of the settlement:
  • Total residential units increased from 563 to 1060
  • Total vehicular parking decreased from 513 to 510
  • Total bicycle parking increased from 397 to 740
  • POPS has been added on the northern portion of the site
Renderings from Zonix:

Site Plan:
...seems to be the bigger the uglier it gets. /sigh
Oh man that is a lot of Iranian dissidents, students and the less ambitious siblings of the clerical ruling elite! 🤪🇮🇷