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Jul 23, 2007
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New 12 storey Boutique building to be launched very soon at 40 Dovercourt where Sudbury and Dovercourt meet. Project is to be called ART. Developer is TRIANGLE WEST DEVELOPMENTS INC.
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44 Dovercourt, not 40 Dovercourt..

Click here and here for further information and some renderings. More information to be added it becomes available.

product type: Condominium
construction status: Launching January 2010
sales company: MarketVision Real Estate Corporation
architect: Oleson Worland Architects
interior designer: 3rd Uncle Design
price range: from the low $200,000s


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Not bad, I expected worse...and a hundred times better than those terrible townhouses across the street.
Got an invite to register for this in the mail today. The website is:

No new info on there yet. Bad name and really bad art on the mailer.
The building looks ok though.
I believe there are four different direct mail pieces, which picture was on yours?
Mtl has actually now discovered precast

Mtl is king of precast. I don't quite get the colour thing either. Their recent additions possibly have more accumulative colour than Toronto (thanks mostly in part to a couple coupleful institutional addtions) but they certainly aren't Calgary or Edmonton.
Art Condos has released some new renderings. I have attached some to this email (terrace and party room). More at: Blog or Micro-Site.

Can someone send me a direct message, teaching me how to upload photos into a message (or, point me to where I can learn?).


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