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I think the city should probably do a new masterplan for the islands that adjusts the programming and incorporates an ecological plan- the first and foremost focus should be in stabilizing and restoring eroded areas around the island perimeters before any further redesign work is undertaken.


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Fairly mediocre, chock-full of suburbia-tier cheap window-wall/spandrel/precast, dolloped onto uninspired massing and programming.

This is a building that literally does the bare minimum for the site (fills in a gap and provides some retail and an atrophied passageway/"""warming space"""). You can literally plonk the building down into Downtown Markham and it would still fit in.
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You can literally plonk the building down into Downtown Markham and it would still fit in.

Is there really any residential building of this height built in Toronto in the last decade that couldn't be plonked in any suburban city and still fit in?.....its not like we are building extraordinary structures in this city
Looks like a headquarters for a tech company in Mississauga. This is what gets built to revitalize our waterfront. Good grief.

I think the shape and structure is excellent. But it's something about the colour and cladding that I'm not wowed by. Should be both bold and raw. Concrete, corten, strong colours possibly fitted into the spandrel, variety in the glass. I don't know this stuff well so can't quite put my finger on it.
Agreed. I remember commenting that when the skeleton of this was going up, it looked great, but then the glass and cladding got put on and it just ended up looking very blah (IMHO).

Is occupancy happening soon? I do think it's a great location being right beside the park and brick path.