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well, residents that are willing to walk to yonge street. Although this will increase when a subway comes, but it's increasing from zero. which is why projects like this are so important for the subway to not go broke.
Are you suggesting we not intensify station areas, but rather rely on busing people in from far away? why have extended at all and just bus everyone down to Yonge and Eglinton where the line was *supposed* to stop?
This is a perfect place for a node of development given the existing/future transit, and road network.

People living in the houses nearby should have seen the empty field along Yonge and expected a worst case scenario in terms of height/density and second thought their buying decision.
Having lived in Richmond Hill for most of my life I can definitly understand the concerns of the residents. The traffic along Yonge here is just rediculous. The recent condo developments near this stretch add to the problem as they are not very 'urban' in character and most residents stick to their cars.

Well said. This is exactly the problem. We should be concentrating on creating horizontal density within the suburbs (narrow streets in tight grids, mid-rise mixed-use buildings) rather than vertical density (isolated high-rises surrounded in a sea of sprawl and 6-lane roads). NYCC, downtown Markham, and the rest should have started out this way. People living in NYCC can take the subway in exactly two directions. In any other direction they rely exclusively on suburban transit options. Cities need to grow into downtowns.
...We should be concentrating on creating horizontal density within the suburbs (narrow streets in tight grids, mid-rise mixed-use buildings) rather than vertical density (isolated high-rises surrounded in a sea of sprawl and 6-lane roads)...
Right. However, when the area is already built out, and the six lane roads and sprawl are already there, and the area is wealthy and pushy enough to be getting a subway, what do you do?
If we were talking about starting the whole area from scratch, I would agree, but when it is all car dependant sprawl already, aren't high density infill like this a solution to the problems that already exist there? And as much as narrow streets and functional small grained grids are important and great, I bet trying to build that into the neighbourhood would be even more difficult than building a 60 story condo.
It's definitely easier to build vertical density, but it's not impossible to start creating an urban street grid with mid-rise development in these giant suburban blocks. The area of the land in question is about 200m by 150m. That's essentially the equivalent of blocks bordered by College, Manning, Henderson, and Grace streets in downtown Toronto. So the question is, do we want to use that block to more buildings like this:,293.08,,0,-9.99

Or this:,150.87,,0,2.75
NRU says this has been approved at the OMB for 15+15+8s. 370 condo units in the 15 storey towers and a retirement building in the 8 floor tower.
Interesting to read all of the 2013 speculation about extending the Yonge line north into Richmond Hill. Now three years later, the extension is a no go until such time as the Relief Line is open (although it's not clear how far north the Relief Line must go before the Yonge Line will be allowed to extend). In any case, that puts any Yonge Line extension off until at least the 2030s.

Although the chopping of this development from 24+19+18+10+5s to just 15+15+8s is not likely tied to the decision to hold the Yonge Line extension for now, the decision makers seem to anticipated the diminished transport capacity nevertheless.

8868 Yonge Westwood Garden appears to be another project

According to Richmond Hill Site plan database, the project of this thread is

revised site plan submission for a 15 storey mixed use File Re-Assigned
residential / commercial building having a g.f.a. of 19, 523m2 fsi
of 4.1 240 apt. units 1,781m2 retail at grade and providing 329
pk'g spaces.

While Westwood Garden is:

REVISED SUBMISSION: Request for approval of Official Plan File Re-Assigned
& Zoning By-law Amendment applications and a related Site
Plan application for a mixed use, high-density residential
development on the subject lands. The proposal consists of two
buildings - an 18 storey tower on a 6 storey podium (total 24
storeys) and a 13 storey tower on a 4 storey podium (17
storeys total). A total of 427 apartment units are proposed with
a total GFA of 34,906 square metres, a combined FSI of 5.09,
496 parking spaces.