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Poor 88 Queen! Once the Belle of the Ball when its podium was being clad, it is now the red-headed (or mint-clad) stepchild.

The colour combination is a head-scratcher, but I don't think it's a deal-breaker. It's a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of mint. And aside from the colour, the tower looks fine - balanced and organized.

Posters on this forum are often like "No more neutrals! We want more colour!" And then when a non-neutral colour is given to them, it's like "Not that colour!" Neutrals are used so often because they are blandly acceptable. Orange, green, yellow, red, purple - particularly when they aren't accents - are always going to upset someone.
I don't necessarily think it's just about the colour, it's that the colour wasn't advertised in the proposals or any of the renderings and basically surprised everyone. The building is delivering what people didn't expect and it's throwing us off. At least, that's what's happening with me.
I agree though, it could actually work and not be a deal-breaker. We'll get used to it. I tend to trust Hariri Pontarini projects in general, so let's see how it turns out!
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Poor 88 Queen! Once the Belle of the Ball when its podium was being clad, it is now the red-headed (or mint-clad) stepchild.

I’m sort of confounded by this comment — is the implication that redheads are ugly / disappointments? Such a strange and unnecessarily rude phrase to still be using in 2023. fairness, Mr. Parkdalian may have been saying that as a good thing.
Yes, I hate humour and think it should be abolished. That is exactly the point I was hoping to make.

I’d argue this tower has turned out to be a gorgeous redhead who made a really bad (and very mint coloured) fashion choice.
I was going to say it's an overly sensitive contemporary take which deserves to be satirized, but figured I'd try to be nicer.
Curious why the mint-green spandrels are so far only applied to the east and west elevations. Are the north and south elevations meant to have a different cladding?
I hope the other elevations are bronze and not that cheap reflective black window wall