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…plus there's the Planet Traveler Hostel doubling in size on College Street. (The City certainly needs more hostel space…)

There's also the potential of rebuilding the Courtyard Marriott at Yonge and Wood Streets when KingSett gets around to it.

Gupta would also like to build one as part of their office condo project at York Mills station that is stalled.

There's also quite a pack of hotels coming out by Woodbine Race Track and the Airport:
  • Woodbine Casino Hotel is under construction
  • Expansion of the Holiday Inn at Martin Grove & Dixon
  • new Holiday Inn on Carlingview at International
  • new Holiday Inn on Rexdale east of 27
  • new Hyatt Place on Carlson Ct near Dixon and 27
  • new Hilton on 27 opposite Woodbine Race Track
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Sweeny &Co:


Kudos to Manga and Sweeny &Co for the continued work and design variations on their several hotel projects in the works throughout the King West area. I think this here is their best one yet.
The site is pretty challenging as the Summit wraps around the back of the property. When there was a 4-storey retail/restaurant proposal a while back the developer had issues with where to properly locate their loading and vehicular access as talks with The Summit failed regarding granting access from their driveway which runs down the edge of their site and spans from King to Wellington, which would have made the small commercial building operate well.

With a much bigger development I can imagine there will be more resistance from the Summit. The rental building on Bathurst faced lots of opposition from the residents there a couple of years ago.
This is a cool design and I hope it doesn’t get too watered down as it progresses.
It's OK I guess but if already a boutique hotel, much much better preferred the red bricks and heritage nod version of Ace Hotel in the area

The Ace Hotel is honestly probably the best building to go up in this city in the last 5 years, so it's not really a fair comparison.

Shim Sutcliffe are pros.
Check out those bay window boxes on the first photo up above ! Then imagine them tinted in a real dark glaze like the new LCBO Tower at a height of a supertall. Over looking the Toronto Harbour at dusk or dawn. The reflection would probably be breath taking in my opinion!
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I keep thinking of bees somehow every time I look at that...

...that said, it would be pretty amazing if they pull that design off when finally building it.
The Ace Hotel is honestly probably the best building to go up in this city in the last 5 years, so it's not really a fair comparison.

Shim Sutcliffe are pros.
Yeah, it's great for Toronto, but it wouldn't make an architectural top 50 for hotels in, say, Ginza.

Don't get me wrong, I do love our little backwater burg, and am happy for the construction excitement it affords, but we would win *every* medal in a VE Olympics. Heck, even Montreal does a good number of it's high-rise res in curtain wall.

Municipal approval is also needed for a site at 689 King St. W. that will include two Sweeny&Co Architects-designed buildings.

One will be an 18-storey, 220-room luxury lifestyle hotel and the other will be a 13-storey extended stay hotel with 130 apartment-style rooms with kitchenettes. Toor said construction should start in 2023.