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Looks like they should have double checked their google maps... they have Adelaide marked as Richmond on the cover page. Having the marketing collateral for such a costly site make that kind of blunder is pretty astounding.
689 King West ( conversion from car wash to LCBO )

Application: Zoning Review Status: Not Started

Location: 689 KING ST W

Ward 19: Trinity-Spadina

Application#: 14 128734 ZPR 00 ZR Accepted Date: Mar 14, 2014

Project: Non-Residential Building Other Proposal

Description: Proposal for interior alterations to change existing car wash to retail - LCBO - and raise roof structure from 5m to 10m in existing non-residential 1 storey building.

I wonder how permanent this location is meant to be. This is just west of Bathurst (and adjacent to The Summit condos) and a bit of a walk from King and Spadina, but that location will shut down for a few years (don't know when yet however) for redevelopment. Once King and Spadina reopens, I doubt this one will stay, as this seems like an underdeveloped lot itself.

I believe the 1-storey building next door which houses a new gourmet hot dog restaurant (Let's be Frank) and a defunct Quiznos is for sale. So further down the line that building along with this car wash/LCBO site will most likely be developed together.
The car wash building is set far back from the street, so I'm guessing the front will become a small parking lot as there is no mention of a building expansion in the application. That would be awkward as traffic is really bad on King St.

I think this LCBO location will do well as the Wine Rack across the street is fairly busy and they have not-so-good wines, and it will also serve the King West, Queen West and Fort York neighbourhoods very well.
Something may be up sooner or later with this site. The store windows are papered over, the short term rental signs are gone, and the car wash entryway is closed off with a chain and padlock - which I do not recall ever seeing before, even when the car wash was closed.
I'm thinking (and hoping) the building is being prepared for the conversion to a LCBO store.
Let's Be Frank was the only pop-up retail that ever occupied here after the closure of the Sharwarma store and Quiznos.
The paid parking lot in front of the car wash always did good business, so having it chained up is a good sign that there will be some demolition and construction activity happening soon.
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^and they have an LCBO planned to go up at Bathurst and Lakeshore wth the Loblaws Redevelopment there. Really feels like a location here would be redundant when you already have locations at Queen and at Lakeshore
I noticed there really aren't enough convenient, transit oriented LCBO's. It's disgusting actually.
The LCBO store at King and Spadina was not meant to be permanent and will make way for a condo development soon which may include a LCBO store in its retail component.
The Loblaws Redevelopment on Lakeshore and Bathurst won't be completed for at least 5 years at the very earliest.
This site would make for an ideal location for the King and Queen West area for the next few years until both the Lakeshore/Bathurst and King/Spadina developments are completed.