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Apr 23, 2007
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Public meeting tonight. Info via David Butterworth--a Kirkor architect.


Site sold for $14.5 million in December 2011.
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Is this proposal for the building on the northeast corner of Duplex and Eglinton - where SOLA used to be?
Looks more like Eglinton and Henning. Confusing, but you can see the Hydro building behind it.
It's Kirkor's version (read into that what you will) of Yonge and Eg - west looking east.

That said, this early render looks fantastic. Let's hope they're able to retain as much of this initial vision as possible.
I also think this looks great. Development has really picked up in recent years along the radius' of the Y/E intersection with the future of the Eglinton Crosstown.

Here's another image tweeted by David Butterworth:

Looks alright, certainly nothing to write home about however. I'd like to see more development push west on Eglinton instead of all the proposals popping up along side streets like Roehampton. I can pick out a few gas stations that no one would shed a tear over.

As per that render: Riocan reclad will turn out no where near as nice (if the properties they manage is anything to go by) and E condos better not turn out that boring. I guess they wouldn't want to emphasize its coolness in the promotional material for their own building though.
All the towers save for 90 look pretty much the same. Makes sense that they wouldn't put too much emphasis on them. Certainly better than showing grass and trees like many other renderings show.
We've got a dataBase entry for 90 Eglinton West now, with higher quality renderings than are found above.

The first public consultation, on October 1st, was held before Madison Homes submits an application to the City, to gauge the reaction of the residents to the plan and to solicit input before the application is made. These first images therefore, are subject to further revision of course. Kirkor has kindly provided us with the images so that you get an early look too!

There is an existing 78,000 sqft office building on this site ... the ammount of office space removed / being removed from Yonge and Eglinton without any replacement is pretty drastic ... we're talking about over 200,000sqft in the last couple years if you include this, Madison, and other proposal on Eglinton east. In the core, the city has forced office use in the podium of many new developments ... nearly all condos built along King for example have included some office use (e.g. M5V ... 2 floors).