Toronto 50 Bloor Street West | 230.11m | 70s | Morguard Corporation | Pellow + Associates

Thanks for letting me know that there's something special about Jesse Ketchup (as the kids of my generation called it). I always thought it was just another ugly urban school.
It could be a shame, this project is kinda nice.

Do you think it's really because of Holt Renfrew or because of a decrease in luxury condo demand?
I thought the 70 storey building was a non starter because Holt's wouldn't sell. My mistake.
We have no idea how long Holt's lease continues at the centre, but they've just put a pile of money into it, so one assumes quite a while still. Again, the 70s is there to indicate that someday they could build something that height there, we just know it won't be soon.