Toronto 50 Bloor Street West | 230.11m | 70s | Morguard Corporation | Pellow + Associates

Thanks for letting me know that there's something special about Jesse Ketchup (as the kids of my generation called it). I always thought it was just another ugly urban school.
It could be a shame, this project is kinda nice.

Do you think it's really because of Holt Renfrew or because of a decrease in luxury condo demand?
Why does this thread description still say 70s?
Because that's what they have zoning for now if they ever move forward with rebuilding. Not that they will anytime in the foreseeable suture…

I thought the 70 storey building was a non starter because Holt's wouldn't sell. My mistake.
We have no idea how long Holt's lease continues at the centre, but they've just put a pile of money into it, so one assumes quite a while still. Again, the 70s is there to indicate that someday they could build something that height there, we just know it won't be soon.