Toronto 3775 Dundas West | 48m | 13s | TAS | SvN

I’m curious to see how the buildings will look when the greenery on the balconies gets eliminated from the plan or dies from lack of upkeep.
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The unit composition is still the same: "297 purpose-built rental apartments, 20% of which will be affordable and 15% of which will be designed as accessible, as well as co-living through 12 four-bedroom units designed for roommates to share." Estimated completion now set to 2025:


TAS is targeting an early 2022 construction start for 3803 Dundas Street West, a SvN-designed 13-storey building with 297 purpose-built rental units and approximately 19,000 square feet of commercial space.

Sixty-three units will be designated as affordable and 45 will be designed as accessible. Completion is estimated for 2025.
I'm not sure if it's just my impression, but TAS seems to propose a lot more than they actually build. One wonders if it's just a fancy land holdings and leasing company.