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August 10, 2023

Excavation began on Tuesday (August 8) and expected to last several weeks.

p.s. unless mentioned otherwise, all pictures posted were taken minutes before posting.

Another thing to note is that on Friday evening, the city removed the parking fare/ticket machine from that area. I thought this would be a sign the area would be blocked off, but nothing yet.
October 11, 2023

A few changes in the past few days:
1. Concrete barriers were installed on Merton yesterday.
2. Excavation has begun at the site of the original ramp, so a new ramp was built on the South Eastern side of the site.
3. Developer site says that hoarding work (concrete beams, scaffolding, etc) was to begin last week on Al Green lane, but so far, nothing taking place there yet. Just a few markings on the ground.




October 25, 2023 update:

Changes since last time:
- Concrete barricades were installed on Merton, blocking part of the sidewalk as it is used for their own equipment and material. (Likely to be expanded as construction progresses, especially when crane is installed)
- Bottom seems to have been reached on the North side and expending towards the north (Excavation likely to be completed in the next week or two, at this rate.)
- Today, scaffolding installation began on Al Green Lane.