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In a Matlow midtown meeting tonight, the 30 MERTON STREET site had a status of "Settlement Accepted". No details on what the settlement is.

New design from resubmission on June 4, 2021:


No on the podium, the rest is ok, I suppose.

The podium needs to lose the silly looking mini-balconies that lack any function.

It needs a clear visual line of division over the retail level, if the parking ramp is going to front Merton and especially with a closed door, it needs to be recessed.
June 2017 = 37 Storeys and 315 Rental-Apartments.

May 2021 = 37 Storeys and 323 Rental-Apartments.

Which only leaves me with 2 questions -
[1] Why did we waste 4-years and lots of City of Toronto dollars doing this stupid OMB-Kabuki Performance... other than to appease the Local Councillor and his NIMBY cranks..?
[2] Why is the City's own HOUSING NOW project at 140 MERTON such a wasted opportunity due to it's tiny scale..?

HINT : The answers to those two questions are related. :rolleyes:

The parking garage is no longer operating, I assume permanently.

It was operating today when I went by.......but only for monthly permit holders, not the public.

That said, I took a photo of the place on my walk today..........not sure I'd want to park or walk under that.........but that may just be me....

Yes, the monthly parking reopened after some on-site testing going on at the time.
I feel bad for the drivers lured in by the many Public Parking signs still up. The No Public Parking sign is only visible once you are practically in the garage. It's not an easy maneuver backing out when Merton St and sidewalk is busy. Often a second car is right behind also trying to enter. I worry about pedestrian safety as it happens all day long. I will report the issue to 311 and see if it can be addressed.
Protection has been placed over utility boxes and Bike Share removed…demolition soon?

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Permit News:

Demolition permit was issued April 20, 2022:


New Building and Shoring permits are not yet issued.
Quick update… yesterday, the demolition stopped in early afternoon when they discovered water coming out of the pavement. Damage to city infrastructure on first day of heavy machinery, quite impressive! Anyhow, city crews were on site yesterday and back today to repair the water main. Demolition has stopped, but I expect water interruptions to nearby buildings sometime today.