Toronto 295 Jarvis Street | 125.22m | 36s | CentreCourt | Arcadis


This one is back, with a new application...............but she ain't 35s no Toronto-esque style.........the proponent would now like 60s!

Underlying proponent is unchanged.

Architect has changed to IBI

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The above are the only renders with this submission, at a size where I can capture the whole image. Below are enlarged, but partial images to reflect greater detail:

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Site Plan:

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Ground Floor Plan:

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West Elevation:

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North Elevation: (good illustration of the impact of the overhang)

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Brief comments for now:

1) Height is being argued for based on nearest comparables that include Grid Condos at 52s and consideration of MTSA based on being 660M north-west of an Ontario Line Station.

2) Falls within the Sick Kids Flight Path, but is below the regulated maximum height.

3) Owner is unchanged from previous application; no involvement from Tricon is indicated, and no clear commitments to purpose-built rental as was previously suggested when Tricon became involved.

4) Owner is arguing no obligation concerning replacement of the rooming house units, but is willing to consider that a 'Community Benefit'.

I'll save the rest for after more sleep and some coffee!
Not surprised with the increase in height given the cluster of 40-50 storey towers at Jarvis & Dundas, not to mention a proposed but yet-to-be approved 68 storey just south of that intersection. Design is meh - looks similar to Grid, although the splashes of brown may add some interest.
Toronto Model 12-03-22 295 Jarvis.png
New renderings are updated in the database. The overall storey count increased from 36 stories to 60 stories. Height changed from 112.47m to 199.40m. The total unit count changed from 351 units to 618 units. Finally, the total parking space count was reduced from 59 parking to 12 parking.

Rendering taken from the architectural plan via Rezoning application.
I think this is a fantastic idea. I live in the area and the building is actually not in a great state and visually has little to no architectural significance. It's been painted yellow over the existing brick which has erased any of the "Victorian" look that may have once been present and it's becoming dilapidated.

The number of existing occupants is actually very small and let's not forget the housing crisis which impacts a much larger amount of people trying to live in the city!
I received a notice in the mail today about a Community Consultation Meeting taking place on March 7. It's "One meeting to discuss two planning applications at: 295 Jarvis and 396-398 Church"

Any hope that the 3 story Victorian facade can be retained and restored as the podium entrance? Looks like this building once has a cornice/horizontal detail along the 3rd floor. Power washing the brick and re-building the Victorian details lost would result in a far nicer facade than what's currently being proposed.
In the no-surprises-here category of development proposals in Toronto, turns out this is CentreCourt.

295 Jarvis Street (opens in new window)22 229720 STE 13 OZThomas Spolsky (opens in new window)2023-04-11In-Person6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.
International Room, International Living & Learning Centre, Toronto Metropolitan University, 240 Jarvis Street

Community Meeting happening on April 11th, 2023
Attended the in-person community meeting tonight.

Current residents know that their "Rooming House" hotel is at the end-of-use... and they are just looking for something like "Rental Replacement" to give them full compensation and right-of-return...etc.

There was one ONE (1) kinda NIMBY lady there tonight - talking about Shadows & Hertitage, etc --- but she clearly doesn't live in the old hotel / rooming-house.

MPP KWT was also there. Site that she has been very involved with for 5+ years. Wants the owner to do full replacement of the ~95 x studio units as "Rental Replacement" Studios - was also talking about how Doug Ford planning law changes "have made all of this harder for the City" to negotiate.
This one was appealed to the OLT on May 16th, 2023.

Subsequently, new Arch. Plans were submitted August '23.

Those plans do not show any material change to height or massing, and appear mostly to involve some technical adjustments to various City comments.




I don't think we were doing elevator ratios when this one came out.

5 elevators, 618 units: .81 elevators per 100 units