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I am optimistic that this latest news means that activity at this site will proceed on a quicker timeline.

I'm pessimistic about the build quality of the towers that Pemberton touches.
I keep telling myself that they came through at U Condos… here's hoping they can match and beat that quality here.

There's no doubt the streetscape will be 100X better compared to for example: what we're stuck with now thanks to the disaster that Omni graced us with (Westlake), and the mess that is the entire southside of Lake Shore between Park Lawn and Humber Loop (with the exception of the actual park portion of Humber Bay, and Eau du Soleil).

The amount of thought that went into this design is truly remarkable. I'd say the city should strive to achieve outcomes like that, but well it's Toronto we're taking about...
Granted I am newer to this forum, I did not shudder at the mention of pemberton. What I've seen from them has not been bad so far.

While it has yet to be built and Concord could totally cheapen it I thought 33 yorkville looked like it had a lot of promise too.


First Capital (FCR) has proposed to build a new GO Station to be developed in partnership with Metrolinx and located at the north end of the former Mr. Christie Cookie Factory, municipally known as 2150 Lake Shore Boulevard West. The proposed GO Station is envisioned to be on both sides of the Lakeshore West rail corridor, and both sides of Park Lawn Road in the City of Toronto. The proposed GO Station is anticipated to evolve into a multi-modal transportation hub that would provide improved local and regional transit access and connectivity. GO Transit currently operates train service along the Lakeshore West Corridor, from Union Station in Toronto to West Harbour in Hamilton and Niagara Falls. The Proposed GO Station has the opportunity to provide a stop along the Lakeshore West rail corridor between the Mimico and Exhibition GO Stations.

See link.


Public Meeting #2: August 27 – September 10, 2021
Due to COVID-19 and current provincial guidance on public gatherings, an online pre-recorded presentation has been posted in lieu of a public meeting. The pre-recorded presentation can be viewed below and includes information regarding potential impacts, proposed mitigation measures and monitoring requirements associated with the Project as a result of the impact assessments. You can also submit a question using our online platform until September 17, 2021. A Public Meeting Summary Report will be prepared and uploaded to this page once available.
Draft Environmental Project Report and Supporting Appendices
This development has me excited, though I reckon it's over-dense.
If you think this is overdense, having a GO station on site, what do you think of the Colossus redevelopment, which is apparently higher density: I heard 1700 people + jobs per hectare quoted in the DRP posted today.

Families of buildings at 2150 Lake Shore, Toronto. This drawing demonstrates how tall buildings are nested into clusters of medium and lower-rise buildings to gently integrate them into their urban fabric.