Toronto 1875 Steeles Avenue West | 129.65m | 39s | Tenblock | BDP Quadrangle

Just so everyone knows, Sanofi is the impediment here, but they have every right to be. When it comes to emissions and other 'nuisance' claims they are the ones who would be forced to leave, regardless of what they do or how long they've been there. You can't put something like "might be bad air, buy at your own risk" into a set of condo docs, so Sanofi is rightly protecting their facility.

I don't doubt that they and Tenblock / First Cap will come to some sort of agreement, but the onus is on the latter to satisfy the former (and the City) in this regard.

I take no issue w/the above; but find the secrecy rather absurd; I think noise and emissions data should a matter of public record. This is not something that's internal or a trade secret.
New docs posted Feb 5, 2024 for the 2nd resubmission.

Heights remain the same, but additional density in the proposal including more (and from the wording, higher-quality) affordable housing which @HousingNowTO will be interested in.


Revised renderings from arch plans:





It is also very good to see on-site 10% parkland dedication with an additional POPs adjacent, combined for nearly 17,000 sf of publicly accessible green space. Smartly configured and will hopefully be coordinated with the FCR property to the south for an enlarged park space that would actually be useable to local residents. Seems like a huge win for Parks Planning.
It looks like this is very close to York University and the subway. So much housing going up near post-secondary institutions. Thankfully many Canadian schools are closer to built up areas unlike many in The States.