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Jun 22, 2008
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There was a previous City Planning Preliminary Report for this site in August 2007 ( for a 8 storeys mixed-use proposal ... I suppose now that the West Queen West District OMB matters are resolved, the owner is going forward on Site Plan Approval for a 10 storeys mixed use proposal ~ :D


1181-1183 QUEEN ST W

Application # 08 213120 STE 18

Description: 10-storey mixed-use building with 107 residential dwelling units and retail at grade

Proposed Total GFA: 9,256.00 sq.m.

Proposed Units: 107

City Contact: Lynda Macdonald (416) 392-7618

Baywood Homes will be constructing a "Flatiron" building on the site directly south of The Gladstone Hotel to replace the infamous Country Site coffee shop.

it is from this source I assume this site has been acquired by Baywood Homes ??

if so then Baywood is really snatching up lots of land and being very active in the WQW district ~
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so this is bohemian embassy phase 3 then? as much as it is simple, it really does a great job of maintaing the street wall and thats great.

Does anyone know if Pemberton purchased this project as well in addition to the Bohemian or is it still going to be a Baywood development?
Street Wall View

Since this area is one big constuction zone, i wonder if this is still in the plans.:confused:

I guess it still is in the plans...from DCN

Proj: 9094016-8
Toronto, Metro Toronto Reg ON
1181 Queen St W, Gladstone Ave, M6J 1J4
$30,000,000 est
Owner is seeking city council rezoning and site plan approvals. A joint-venture partner has been secured by the owner. The development partner and architect will be released for publication pending approvals and the owner's decision to proceed. Design, tender and construction schedules are undetermined. Further update spring 2012.
proposed construction of a 10-storey residential building with 91 units and retail space at grade level.
275,000 square feet; 10 storeys; 2 storeys below grade; 91 units; 9 acres
Category:....Apartment bldgs; Retail, wholesale services
Glad to see this is still in the pipeline. Bohemian Embassy and the other developments south of Queen fail hard, but this may be the one redeeming feature of this area. Great opportunity here with the interesting curve provided by Sudbury Street and to be a gateway for Queen West. That preliminary rendering looks promising, just needs some refining and this could be a gem.