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Just to be a wee bit more precise:

1) Bathurst to Dupont is designated an Avenue, hence subject to mid-rise design guidelines, as per Map 2 of the Official Plan, cf

2) Here's a handy presentation summarizing performance standards for mid-rise buildings:

The recommendations therein were adopted by City Council on July 8, 2010. Citing from

Staff Report adopted at City Council

Toronto City Council, on July 8, 2010, adopted the recommendations contained in the staff report prepared by City Planning with modifications.

Staff will now use the Performance Standards for Mid-Rise Buildings in reviewing proposals for a two year monitoring period. An implementation strategy be developed in order to incorporate the Performance Standards in guidelines, policies or new as-of-right zoning.

At the end of the two year monitoring period, staff will report back to the Planning and Growth Management Committee on the effectiveness of the Performance Standards and potential implementation measures.
Note his use of the word "seems."

Based on the fact that I think 6 stories could be an issue for those living on Rossmore?

I think 4 stories along that stretch would (1) accomplish the City's goal of increased intensification and (2) be respectful of the structures that currently exist (I believe the building where Santaguida is located is 4 stories and fits in well.)

(I haven't yet had a chance to read the information to which northto directed me.)
how many projects are 15 floors? not many:eek: how many 10 floors? even less:S how many less then 5 floors? virtually none other then townhouses:(

we live in a city where it takes as much work to build a 5-10 floor condo as it does a 50-100 floor condo. most developers wont waste their time for less profit. So if you are suggesting 4 floors you are basically suggesting Nothing gets built. I think alot of these areas with these small houses would be perfect places for some new denser townhouses but I cant see how 6 floors is anything to get up tight about. IFf they are building 30 floors in the suburbs I think 6 floors is appropriate close to the core
Just to be a wee bit more precise:

2) Here's a handy presentation summarizing performance standards for mid-rise buildings:

Just reading through the presentation and I'm wondering about the restriction that the "maximum allowable height of buildings on the Avenues shall be no higher than the width of the Avenue Right of Way..." (A storey = 3.27 metres? (36 m/11 st))

Developers can apply for variances to this, can't they?
Primavera is going to be dang happy

There was a meeting with the applicant, Adam Vaughan and local residents, and it was evident that the applicant had not considered the impact of parking and vehicle access to the building, or conducted a shade study, or generally thought about the impact of the original concept, so it's a small step towards something at the right scale that is appropriate to the context rather than 6 storeys for the sake of having 6 storeys.