Toronto 1 Yorkville | 183.18m | 58s | Bazis | Rosario Varacalli

The view of it from the west, taken today:

They did such an amazing job on the heritage portion and forgot about the rest. That west facing wall of grey is just inexcusable. D-
i think this building looks better in person. when complete and lit up, it should be a nice addition to the area.

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I disagree. I’ve seen it in person and it’s horrible (aside from the heritage element).

I really want to like it but the developer should be embarrassed with that horrendous window wall. And from what I’ve seen, the interiors match the exterior - cheap, cheap, cheap.
You know when the window wall and cladding are fighting for attention after it was advertise this building's brand would be its cladding only, something is very off about that.
atleast it's beautiful when it hits the street. those heritages buildings are great and retail should flourish in there. It won't feel like you're walking by a new condo with glass walls and a rexall/shoppers. Just don't look up.