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Top 10 residential towers in T.O.


Well, of course I'm aware that there's a whole world out there beyond the world of good design. I think "taste" is several stages removed from the solution to it however, and I've never been big on it. It isn't "retreating" to learn a language - be it design, wordsmithing, art, music, the eloquent political harangue, or whatever - so as to be one small part of the antidote to ugliness.

That said, I must admit that my soft city, my great wen Toronto, is full of unique paths and constructs, some of which are deliciously hideous and deliberately sought out for that very "whole shebang" reason you speak of. Who cannot marvel at the tacky commercialism of Yonge and Dundas for instance? I go there for a heaping dose once in a while. And, having briefly gone over to the dark side, I might sit before the Paradise of Maitreya for a while to catch my breath. Without the darkness of night you can't appreciate the clear light of day - and vice versa.

Polari was a relic of the past, even when I was 14 or 15. We listened to "Round The Horne" on Sunday afternoons and did our giggly Julian and Sandy impersonations the next day at school. It has returned, apparently, which is why you no doubt heard of it.