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The Uptown - Hayward layout

PDI ?!?!?
I thought it was a resale since Uptown was registered so long ago.
anyhow, congratulations !

No this unit we're buying has never been lived in. Pemberton didn't sell a lot of the larger units high up and only started to market them once the building was completed and when they finished the interiors of the larger units.
I'm very impressed with the builder. We had given them a list of deficiencies that we had found while looking at the unit while deciding on buying it. Well they had most of it completed already and what wasn't done, parts were on order to be done hopefully prior to our closing in three weeks. Our previous experiences with PDIs were never this good. I'm glad they worked on our list and didn't wait until the PDI to actually start work! So far I'm really happy with Pemberton.
Got our keys yesterday. Hopefully the painters will do a good job over the next severel days. Then the closet people and window coverings before we move in next week.

Still some deficiencies to fix like the dent in the fridge door and kitchen cabinet door issues, but otherwise, we're stoked.


Darn flickr, I hate that they changed the linking of photos, but I've finally figured it out.

This is our den.


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Thanks for sharing ... great view, and a kitchen window! That's a total plus. The place looks roomy, bright and open with terrific balcony space.

Do you want to adopt me and I can come live there too?

We share the same taste in paint colours, it looks like :)
looks good. what is the paint colour? some pics it looks gray-blue, others it looks gray-brown.

interesting that the builder went with 2 different colours and cabinets styles in the kitchen and bathrooms.

personal preference, I would have preferred if they maintained the contemporary look and went with shaker style cabinet doors/faces in white in the kitchen too