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The Uptown - Hayward layout


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Mar 12, 2014
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Yonge and Bloor
Hi guys, I'm relatively new here and just found this forum on layouts. We recently purchased a unit in the Uptown Residences and are quite excited about our future move. I thought I would post the layout of our unit and get everyone's thoughts on it. Thanks in advance.



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congratulations !

is there a way for you to attach a file that can be enlarged to see the room dimensions?
are you looking for advice on furniture placement, etc?
Hi and thanks. I'm not sure what kind of file I would be able to attach here to allow it to be enlarged.

I had no particular questions, but since I saw this section of the forum on layouts, I thought people might be interested and want to give opinions on this layout.
Space :)

My preference is to have the bedrooms at opposite ends, so I'd switch the den and one bedroom, but that's personal.

I'd also make the kitchen prep area bigger because I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and shrink the size of the breakfast area.

Those are nitpicking things really -- who's the developer? Not many are offering space like that these days. Looks like you're up high too, so you'll have a great view -- city? lake? other?
Pemberton is the developer. It is already built so I'm not going to do major renovating nor can I afford that. We will of course get it painted, get window covering and do all three closets to maximize storage.

The major view is east, but we also have north and south views. You see the lake, the island and Leslie St. spit from the kitchen window. I agree though, I like to cook and bake so I wish the kitchen was more substantial, but compared to so many condos we've seen, this would be considered substantial, but just not compared to our house.
Sounds fantastic. A smaller kitchen was my biggest adjustment on downsizing from a large house to a condo. It's still not great if two of us are trying to work in the kitchen at the same time, but it is quicker to clean up!
I agree with you also about having the two bedrooms next to each other isn't my favourite layout, however, given that they are separated by the master bathroom and the laundry, I am OK with it. :)
Overall its a nice layout - its big - whats the square footage -1300+? I like the large entry closet and powder room when you come in; I like the fact there is a breakfast nook. While the two bedrooms are side by side - at least there is some separation through the placement of the bathrooms so you don't have one bedroom wall against the other. My nit picks = the second bedroom seems small - I don't like how the door is placed on the master bedroom closet - it looks awkward but maybe in real life it isn't; would be nice too if the master bath had 2 sinks; I don't see any linin closet; Love the balcony. What I would do is get rid of the french doors to the den if that's feasible and make it one sweeping grand room. Congrats.
The sq footage is 1860 plus 145 for the terrace. The second bedroom is smallish but it is only for guests and is larger than many of the newer condos I'm seeing being built. It is 10'6" x 11'9" so it isn't that bad. The master bath should have had a double vanity instead of one sink I totally agree. The master closet would have been better with the door centered on a wall instead of in a corner, not ideal but not that bad.

We will keep the doors for the den so in case family is visiting we can offer the den as a bedroom and give them privacy. As well, if my partner comes home late from work and wants to watch TV, he can close the door so as to not disturb me. The kitchen doors we will be removing. I hate working in a kitchen behind closed doors.
I missed the kitchen doors - getting rid of them is a a good idea. In any event I think it is a very nice layout - 1860 square feet is certainly very spacious and you don't see many new condos this large. And overall I think the design is quite nice - I've seen floor plans for large condos that have been horrendous. I hope you are happy in your new condo. And the building is in a fantastic location. Congrats again :)
I hadn't noticed the kitchen doors either but agree that they should go :) I also agree with keeping the den doors. We were going to remove ours but didn't which turned out to be a good decision. My spouse likes to have long, loud Skype conversations so I chase him in there so I don't have to hear it :)
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I don't see the reason for the kitchen doors for most people. It's not like I have a maid in there cooking for us! LOL.

I am hopeful that we'll enjoy the condo and the building. Hopefully the building is well run and maintained and that the neighbours are respectful of each other. That can certainly make or break a building.
I also agree that the kitchen doors should be removed.
I like to cook and entertain so having the kitchen separated is not really my cup of tea. I prefer to have a more open floorplan, but this is a large luxury unit so I'm guessing such buyers would want more formal rooms and spaces.
I would change the door swings in some places as they needlessly block or take up space; I would make the walk-in coat closet door swing into the closet, the doors to the den swing into the room than out into the living area, and the laundry closet door should swing inwards so that it doesn't block the guest bedroom.

I have two main criticisms: the designated dining area in the plan would be odd to place a dining table as it will impede on the traffic and flow between the kitchen/den/foyer to the living room, and the master ensuite is a bit wierdly laid out. I would like to see the tub more prominantly located, the toilet more tucked away and have two sinks in the vanity.

Overall it is a great space, very spacious and nicely spread out with exposures/views on three sides. I'm sure you will enjoy living there.
You should take photos before and after you move in. Congrats!
The walk in closet at the entrance is drawn incorrectly in the layout above, in fact the door does swing inwards and not outwards as drawn.

The laundry is probably too small to allow the door to swing inwards, as well, if it did, we wouldn't be able to place our litter box for our cats in that location.

I agree that the vanity in the master bath is large enough to justify having a double vanity, perhaps in the future we might consider changing this.