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TD Centre - Ernst & Young Tower

But there is no TD Logo on any Meis designed building.

Not yet.

It would almost make more sense to put them on all of them to maintain conformity.

Nothing makes sense. CF has done a great job of ruining TEC...and they well on their way to ruining TD Centre. Meanwhile, the city laments over the Stollery Stone!!!

We are getting our just desserts.
Anybody know what's going on here? I hope that's just a primer.



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Is there any news about the Ernst & Young Tower? When will CF rename it TD East (it just says 222 Bay right now)?

Any news on leasing? (still is up for lease per the website)

Why is there a crane on the roof right now?
Why is there a crane on the roof right now?

Although I cannot find a Building Permit it appears that they are constructing a new steel frame area on roof. It'll be on the North side of 222 Bay.

I assume this is another mechanical penthouse (maybe additional A/C?). Anyone with inside knowledge?
OK, I know this is NOT the E-Y Tower but it seems too much to create new thread:

Toronto Preservation Board consideration on July 12, 2018


Proposed Changes to the TD Pavilion, 55 King Street West

Staff to provide an overview of the scope of work and proposed changes to occur at 55 King Street West. The scope is representing maintenance work as well as changes to the space to modernize the facility. Changes proposed occurring on both the interior and exterior of the banking pavilion. Staff are reviewing the scope of work and updating the Board.