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News   Mar 01, 2024
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Swearing in Hong Kong subway could land you in jail

Yeh just yesterday shared some TTC space with a rather meaty woman with a huge caesar salad. I have to say that it literally smelled like vomit. That combined with the sight of her pushing great wads of the wretched muck into her gaping maw made my eyes water.
I agree. Most food/drink consumed is inoffensive, but I'd hate it on the bus or a GO Train when someone brought on McDonald's. But a bagel or any baked good, fresh fruit, a light sandwich, or a snack is fine with me.

Once I got on a Keele bus that was littered with peanut shells. That should definately not be allowed.
I've seen the odd person drink on the MTR. I don't see rigourous enforcement.
Update: After much controversy, the MTR has backed down, saying that it will not seek jail time for people swearing in the subway. However, this change to the bylaw does not include the KCR Light Rail system in suburban northwestern HK, where people who use foul language will still face jail.

(Source: Sing Tao)