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News   Jun 18, 2024
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News   Jun 18, 2024
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The one in the Holt Renfrew Centre also seems to be closed, although the one a bit further east in the Hudson's Bay Centre seems to be open last time I walked by (and the one in Indigo in Manulife is also still open). I think that whole Yonge/Bloor/Bay/Cumberland area had something like eight or nine at its peak?
The one at Indigo (Manulife) is now closed (temporarily, per the notice in the door). The good news is that the superior Pilot is open one floor above.
There is (was?) another one just across at Six Points Plaza. Though that Starbucks was useful for hopping off a Mississauga bus and getting a coffee before walking down to Kipling Station.

The Six Points location remains extant.
I'm saddest about the one on Yonge north of Bloor, though truth be told, I'd rather have Britnell back.
It would be interesting to get a list of all the recent closures to see just how many have actually closed.

I doubt it is a small number.