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St Lawrence Market

I was just going to post this as it is a large contract (or, at least one that will cause major traffic problems!).

This work is due to start in early May and, in fact, things (traffic-wise) will be worse later in the year as there is another water - and some sewer - contract on The Esplanade between Yonge and Parliament (plus a few streets like George South and Scadding) supposed to start in late summer. However, not complaining, good to stop having sewer back-ups and watermain breaks!
Next Sunday, 16 April, there will be a Lost Rivers walk in St Lawrence - primarily celebrating the shoreline. It is free but you need to register.

On a related matter. Anyone here know (or is!) an Ontario Land Surveyor who might have an idea of where the SLNA group can find a copy of the 1841 Survey of the Toronto Waterfront by Thomas Young? This is listed in the great "Mapping Upper Canada 1780-1867" by Joan Winearls as:

B2409 Thomas Young City of Toronto Water lots: Berkeley St to York St, present shoreline, description of lots; transcript 160 ft. R.P. 5A The TPL, City Archives and Archive Ontario do not think they have this. If you can help, PM me through UT.

"Young's Lines" still appear on current Surveys as "Top of the Bank" and "Water's Edge"
What is everyone's preferred coffee shop in the area? The Balzac's is quite nice but I'm looking for some other alternatives no more than a kilometer or so from the market.
What is everyone's preferred coffee shop in the area? The Balzac's is quite nice but I'm looking for some other alternatives no more than a kilometer or so from the market.
NEO on Frederick is very good (great eats). Drawback, it is filled with George Brown 'table-hogs' so I (sadly) do not go as often as I would like.
Versus is great little spot serving strong coffee. Their popular patio on busy Adelaide St is bathed in sunlight from April to October. Their grilled cheese is delicious but pricey.

I haven't tried Third Wave but it's always busy when I walk by. Seating is limited.

Another favourite in the 'hood is Rooster on King East, just west of Berkeley. If I remember correctly, there are comfortable sofas and club chairs at the back of the space. I haven't been there in a while.

There's also Au Pain Doré on Front, just west of Market St. Their coffee's good and they attract a friendly crowd of all ages and backgrounds and no attitude. Their pastries and sandwiches are good too, if a little pricey. Seating's fairly plentiful.

Neo's very design-y - practical seating seems to have been sacrificed for design purity - the crowd's a little 'tude-y and their food offerings are very expensive, although the matcha log is delicious. The baristas are friendly.

Fahrenheit is great. The baristas are super friendly. There's almost no seating though. It's grab--maybe sit a few minutes if there's a spot--and go.

I'm hoping The Saint, Alias and 88 Queen will offer even more options in the next couple of years.

On a side note, there's an Ali Baba's now on Queen E, just west of Church. I guess it kind fills the hole left by Shawarma's King, which was forced out of the 'hood a year or so ago because of the condo coming to the northeast corner of Queen and Church.
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Does anyone know a good tailor in the neighbourhood for simple stuff like shortening or taking in pants, that kind of thing? I took my jeans to Stitch It at TD Centre yesterday and they're charging me $50 to patch the seat of my jeans!! I've got another pair I need to shorten and I don't want to spend more on the alteration than on the jeans themselves.Thanks in advance.

edit. I have to add a construction picture.

Scott St.
Going deeper still
They are adding an inner liner layer against the bedrock below the 3 formed layers.
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